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Use your own Augmented Reality

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RA = Augmented Reality with KaviAR.app or Augmented Reality
RA = Augmented Reality with KaviAR.app or Augmented Reality

Create your own augmented reality experience

KaviAR.app is online publishing platform, associated to a mobile app.
With just a few clicks, these 2 tools will allow you to make all your media interactive.
Unlock your creativity anytime and anywhere, even from home, and on as many medias as you wish.

No training

No need of developers, graphic designers or technicians. KaviAR combines an ergonomic platform with powerful mobile technology that is very easy to use.


Drag&drop to associate content (videos, weblinks, images ...) to the medium of your choice (magazine, poster, flyer, business card, CV ...)

"Wow" effect

Your augmented contents will capture your audience 10 times more than before. Effectively convert your prospects into customers thanks to augmented reality.


Thanks to the Cloud , your work and items are instantly available online. Augmented reality is immediately effective!

Your print campaigns become dynamic on demand.


No need to edit the media you have already printed. Simply import it and augment it through our tool. It is time to connect Print & Digital for real impact!


Unleash your creative mind, publish and share your interactive AR (Augmented Reality) experience around the world!

Les P'tits chez KaviAR

Chaque licence permet d'utiliser notre application-scanner mobile de réalité augmentée disponible sur les stores IOS ou ANDROID sous le nom : KaviAR.app
  • Nous répliquons l'application à votre nom sur nos 2 stores
    Vous disposez d'options pour la personnaliser à distance.
    Elle reste cependant signée discrètement de notre marque "KaviAR"
    C'est votre marque grise de réalité augmentée.

  • Nous pouvons le comprendre, alors on fait simple :
    c’est votre application "by vous"...mais c’est plus cher ^_^
    Contactez-nous pour dégustez une boisson chaude
    et échanger sur votre marque blanche ou la réalité augmentée.

  • Vous avez une app et vous n'en souhaitez pas une autre ?
    Nous mettons du KaviAR en boîte dans votre app !
    Bureau d'étude, audit, accompagnement, SDK...
    On vous sort le grand jeu !

RA = Réalité Augmentée avec KaviAR.app ou Augmented Reality
RA = Réalité Augmentée avec KaviAR.app ou Augmented Reality

You need view demo ?

Somethink it's better than a speech... we do both.

How does it work ?

Select support to augment :
magazine, poster, flyer, documentation, job card, cv...

Associate your content :
videos, images, 3d, social network sociaux, weblinks...

Done ! Your content is online.
Users can transform your supports alive with augmented reality.

Why it's easy ?

KaviAR's goal is to offer innovation's augmented reality to as many people as possible.
AR (Augmented) Reality should no longer be reserved for a few large groups or agencies...
It is the multiplication of content in augmented reality that will democratize the use.

Our vision is:
KaviAR for all... and discount (or almost no)


Without engagement

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Subscriptions Unit cost
49€ / month
  • 1 access
  • 2 supports
  • 5 Go
  • 1000 contents
  • limited
  • Support
99€ / month
  • 2 access
  • 5 supports
  • 15 Go
  • 2500 contents
  • normal
  • Support
149€ / month
  • 3 access
  • 10 supports
  • 25 Go
  • 5000 contents
  • advanced
  • Support

We donate 5% of our profits
to associative or ecological organizations.

If you are an association,
contact us it's -50% for you.

You are part of the BDE of a higher school?
Your subscription can be FREE* !

Are you a reseller?
We have a program adapted to your business.

*limited of course... we discuss ? Contact us

Become Pro 399/ month

All medias. 50Go in Cloud. Phone Support 5/7d in 48h
Any limited life. Contents & Augment are illimited. Full Statistics.
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Greenscreen video

Surprise your customers by using videos on a transparent background. The effect is guaranteed!

Custom icons

You can modify the icons of the App directly from our management tool.

Accounts access

Create access to your employees directly from your client area.

Frames HTML

You can go further in your content, like displaying a website after increasing your support.

Exports CSV

Export from your interface the statistics of your campaigns.

Unlimited visibility

Your content remains visible, with no time limit, for the duration of your subscription

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Download, open and then scan media.

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A team of experts

3 talents, 2 tools, 1 product.
Wajdi Ben Rabah
Wajdi Ben Rabah
Mobile & AR
Anthony Merzouki
Anthony Merzouki
Moa & Design UX/UI
Michel Ruiz
Michel Ruiz
Marketing & Usage
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